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Meet the Trainer


Ooi is a trainer specialize in resilience and sales training. He has work with and trained people from countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore and Pakistan. During 20 years of sales experience, he has encounter numerous challenges and manage to overcome it. He is a certified resilience trainer,  certified professional trainer and PSMB TTT  trainer. 


I have been working with Mr Ooi during 3 years when he was sales manager in our company,  he is a very diligent,  honest and efficient sales person: he carefully selects his prospects and works following a strategy,  there is no random way in his approach.... That makes him a very talented sales manager that knows how to drive growth. It was a pleasure working with him as he is a also a very nice and kind individual.

Jean-Francois Tison/ Lincoln Electric/ Sr. Business Development

“Wei Min is really an experienced sales person, he combines a good structure and theory with practical implementations and tips that are useful for every day sessions.

Very good to use case studies from our existing business. Makes it real for everybody. One good thing is to encourage everyone to “MAKE IT REAL” by incorporating the learnings into the sales deck tools on DAY ONE.”

Lua Jes Min / Founder


Fletcher is derived from the word Fletch. In Archery, a Fletch is the fin that stabilizes the arrow; a Fletcher is the person that puts fins on arrows. We pride ourselves in helping individuals and corporations alike create stability in sales to help them shoot for their sales targets. 

Fletcher consultancy was founded to help sales people find their confidence in sales and provide them skills to achieve their goals.

Your Success is our purpose


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