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No matter where we are in life, be it looking for jobs, working for others or even starting our own business, we need to communicate effectively to a wide range of people. Persuasive communication is an important skill that enables us to be more productive and influential—not just at work, but in all our relationships.

Talk to us to find out more on 001 persuasive communication class so that you can enjoy the benefit of persuasive communication in the following areas

  • Better career advancement

  • Pitching ideas to management or customers or investors

  • Getting promotions that you have been eyeing

  • Getting that dream job

  • Getting funding for your business startup

  • Getting your subordinate/ spouse to do things for you willingly

  • Leading a team

Or even changing the world...

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Let’s get real here. For most of us – myself included – life nowadays is fast-paced and full of unexpected changes as compared to 20-30 years ago. This reality, along with the ever-increasing pressures of technology and society at large, can really take a toll on our life.

As a result, difficult emotions like disappointment, anger, confusion, fear, loneliness, and sadness…etc can arise. Emotions like these can deter us from achieving full potential of our life, stopping us from taking that first step. It deters us from getting that job that we deserve, living the life we want, thinking that we were not good enough.

To handle the emotions, our parents told us to suppress it. But, is it productive?

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Many of us are facing challenges that can be stressful, overwhelming, and causing strong emotions, regardless of whether we are adults or children. While a good amount of stress can help us excel in life, excessive amount of stress can lead to health problems. The key is never about getting rid of stress but how we manage stress efficiently. Preventing and managing long-term stress can lower your risk for other conditions — like heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and depression.

Contact us to learn how you can better manage stress.


Knowing how to start and maintain a conversation is a valuable skill for making connections, fostering relationships and being effective at work. While some people may be born to be naturally good conversationalists, it can be hard for the majority of us.


A general perception about getting close to someone new is by sharing common interests with that person. But is that true and effective? The fact is that we do not necessarily need to share common interests with people we first met to get close to them because it may give them the impression of "trying too hard".


In the 3-hour 001 Socializing class, we will teach you conversation structure. How to bring conversation to 5 levels deep and wide in the shortest time so that it feels like they already know you for a long time.

Good news is that the skills can be learned and perfected even though you are an introvert.


Talk to us and let us show how we can teach you to be a better conversationalist.


Sean, 24

Thank you for the tips, i feel that it was my best interview performance by far

after getting new job offer

Izzah Amira, 27

I have learn to communicate better, be more confident and become more intellectual

Muhammad Noorsaiful , 24

I learn how to persuade others because i am an introvert person

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