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Managing a family has never been an easy task for any parent, especially when you have teenager in your house. The task of raising teenagers has become far more challenging especially in this era filled with distraction as compared to 30 or 40 years ago.

Have you ever wondered why some teenagers are not performing well academically even though they attend the best schools and are taught by the best teachers? How can parents help them unleash their potentials? Even if they perform well academically, that doesn’t guarantee them further success especially under such an unpredictable environment.

In our Teenage Program, we will help teenagers not just to perform well academically, bounce back quickly from life setbacks but also give them a head start in future career.​ We will teach them essential skills not taught in school and prepare them for their future career success.

Our Services

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Teenage X Factor Program is a program that is made absolutely for teenagers who want to learn how to achieve goals and dreams they always wanted. I will teach them not just how to deal with exam pressures but also excel during difficult times in life using EIRO model. They will learn how to deal with negative events in life, negative emotions and improve their problem-solving capabilities.


The program will be delivered in 2 days with exercises and activities to help them better understand and apply the concepts. By the end of the training, they will be able to immediately apply in the real world what they have learnt in 2 days. Materials and personalized tools will be provided for their reference at any points of time.

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After 4 years of studying hard in the university, finally you are going to graduate. Congratulations on that. But wait...., instead of feeling happy, you are worried. You are worried about the uncertain future. You are worried about whether you can get that job that you wanted or even getting a job.  You are worried of being rejected.  What if we tell you the secrets of overcoming fear of rejection and getting abundant job offers for you to choose from?  In the 2-day 001 Getting Dream Job Program, we will teach you how to create that advantage, how to negotiate for a better salary and how to get that high paid dream job that you always wanted.

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Teenager Mini Classes

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Are you uncertain about what major to study in college? Are you worried that if you choose wrongly, it will affect your future and regret later in your life? Well, I feel you. I had been in a dilemma like you before. In the 4-hour 001 How to Select a University Major Workshop, we will work with you and discover what your values and beliefs are so that you can make right decisions that align with your inner self. We will also be teaching you 10 steps to make right decisions.

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You know that you need to study hard but just don't feel like it? The general public will label that as "lazy", but is that the truth? It is all about motivations and developing the right habits and strategies to study. In the 4-hour 001 Study Habit Development Workshop, we will teach you how to use 7 methods to develop study and other productive habits in life. We will teach you how to overcome distractions and maintain motivations during study.  When your study habits are up, it is just a matter of time to produce good results.

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001 Teenage Art Of Persuasion Workshop is a 3-hour program that is made absolutely for teenagers who want to learn how to achieve goals and dreams they always wanted. We will teach them how to sell themselves or pitch their ideas during important events in life such as scholarship interviews, job interviews...etc. They will learn how to communicate effectively so that when they start their career, company management will see their efforts and give them that promotion they deserve.


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A general perception about getting close to someone we just met is by sharing common interests with that person. But is that true and effective? In fact, we do not necessarily need to share common interests with people we first met to get close to them because it may lead to a "trying too hard" impression. In the 3-hour 001 Teenage Socializing Workshop, we will teach your kids conversation structure. How to bring conversations to 5 levels deep and wide in the shortest time so that it feels like they already know your kids for a long time.  We will teach them how to get the help they need in life by applying 4 ideas of empathy.


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I really love the exercises and activities in this workshop. The workshop is not only one way communication, so it is very interactive and not boring. 


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