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Fletcher is derived from the word Fletch. In Archery, a Fletch is the fin that stabilizes the arrow; a Fletcher is the person that puts fins on arrows. We pride ourselves in helping individuals and corporations alike create stability in sales to help them shoot for their sales targets. 

Fletcher consultancy was founded to help customer find their confidence in sales and provide them skills to achieve their goals.

We are a premier Sales Center of Excellence Training and Consulting Company providing mentoring and coaching services through one on one sessions as well as workshops and seminars to help sales people develop and hone their selling skills.  

Ooi Wei Min
Senior Managing Partner

Ooi is the Senior Managing Partner of Fletcher Consultancy. He specializes in resilience and sales training. He has worked with and trained people from countries such as China, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, Singapore, Myanmar and Pakistan. Throughout his 20 years of sales experience, he has encountered numerous challenges and managed to overcome them. He is a certified resilience trainer, professional trainer and PSMB TTT trainer.

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