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001 Sales Development Program

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve revenues and profits because sales are lifeline. Therefore, salespeople are expected to set meeting their monthly targets as top priority. However, not everyone is born a top salesperson. In fact, even a skillful salesperson needs to strategize when dealing with different types of customers they meet every day. They need to be aware of the best practices and processes to produce the greatest possible results. We train, coach and consult corporate and individual clients by helping them to enhance sales performance. We provide comprehensive sales training from basics to key account sales management.

Our Services

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3 Days Workshop
2 Days Workshop
2 Days Workshop
2 Days Workshop

Training Classes

001 Sales Training

Fundamental sales skill training including prospection, developing phone calling scripts, building trust & rapport, presenting benefits, handling objections & closing

001 Key Account Sales Management

Strategies approaching key account customers and managing project sales with systematic measurable guidelines

001 Winning Negotiator

Principals and strategies for  maximizing profit during negotiation

001 Sales Success Through Resilience 

Transforming employee from complaining to solution finding mindset. Strategies of converting negative emotions and stress into productive actions and achieve desired outcome. 

Other Services


We provide coaching services to help participant overcome learning dip and form new learned habits

Sales Profile Measurement

The psychometric were developed by leading authority on personality and renowned team of work psychologists from UK since 2010 with evidence-based personality assessment solution.

The profile will analyzes individual drive for performance, sales process management, solution Innovation, communication & persuasion, customer care, optimism & resilience

Customers include Great Eastern insurance, GM, Petronas, NHS


Companies often complain that their sales reps only compete on price but do not provide necessary tools to help sales reps to justify the price. We help customers develop sales tools and assist companies to set up sales process.

Our consulting services include:

  • Establish sales reporting, monitoring system & weekly sales meeting guidelines

  • Effective cold calling phone scripts to help sales rep secure appointments

  • Sales pitching tools for sales rep to pitch to customers easier.

  • Work out price justification document for sales rep to justify higher selling price*

*Subject to data availability & application

Why Us?


Trainer with 20+ years of hands-on industrial sales working experience


Participants will have customized tools ready after workshop to apply at work immediately


Customized training materials for client

I like the way Mr. Ooi proposition the cost saving value, as most of our customer highlighted cost as one of their criteria for choosing a service provider

Yati/ Telekom

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